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Nalys Institute of Technology

The NIT is an intensive training program for engineers who want to boost their career by learning key expertise in line with the evolution of the market. The program is designed to provide a practical approach by field experts.

The NIT in 2022

Passionate about software engineering?


At Nalys we have a number of embedded experts who share their passion on a daily basis in different ways. This is why we have decided to share this passion by introducing engineers to the exciting world of software engineering. The next training program will help engineers develop their skills in embedded linux and DevOps engineering.

The program starting in September 2022 consists in:

  • 8 weeks of intensive training by our field experts

  • a practical case in collaboration with customers

  • support coaching by our software community

A bit of history

Launched in 2016, the Nalys Institute of Technology was created to support young engineers start their career in consulting. Between 1 and 3 promotions every year, the content of the training courses kept evolving to best fit the key expertise needed in various sectors.

Today, more than 110 engineers have been trained in different skills such as software development, embedded systems, linux, web applications, automation...

Our programs

Developed by engineers FOR engineers, the program evolves at every session to stay connected to the market needs in order to bring the highest value to the participants as well as the customers.

Nos services

Software engineering

This program will help you improve your skills in embedded linux and DevOps engineering.


This program is designed to help you master automation tools and good practices for the pharmaceutical sector.


‘‘It's how I started five years ago and it has taught me how to be an engineer pretty much. The trainers have really helped me understand better the whole embedded scene and without it I don't think I would be where I am right now.’’


2017 NIT promotion on embedded systems


Get to know more about us

Nalys is a Technology management firm which advises on and implements strategic technology solutions. Everyday we work hard to provide the best solutions for our technological partners in various industries. Our customers are looking for the highest added value and that is what our teams of experts are able to provide.

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