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Software engineering

After market analysis, we updated our training program to the current requirements of our customers and to the market's in general. Besides the academic background of software development, the way of thinking, hands-on approach to problems, insights in how to develop "good" software can still be improved. Hence our experts defined a program to meet this challenge.

We divided the training period in 2 parts, a boot camp and the embedded trainings. The boot camp will focus on best practices from the industry. The embedded trainings will focus on embedded Linux, C++ and IoT.

But there is more to turning engineers into consultants than hard skills. Extensive attention will be given towards soft skills for the whole duration of the program: professional attitude, proactive mindset, problem-solving attitude... When working at a company, these aspects can be as important as technical skills.


This program is tailored for engineers who have a first experience under 2 years and who want to go deeper in embedded systems and DevOps, and for young engineers who just graduated and want to build a career in software engineering.

The number of participants to this training program is limited, as we want to ensure sufficient attention is put on each person.

The next training session will start in September 2022 and will take place in Brussels.


6 to 8 weeks of hands-on intensive training by our experienced consultants

Practical case

Practical application of the lessons learned on a concrete client project


On the job support by our software community once participants start a project at customer's

Training details

  • Linux System (scripting, init system, networking, storage, virtualization, …)​

  • Programming (Python)​

  • Tooling (Git, Docker, …)​

  • Networking and Security (web servers, HTTPS, TLS, MQTT, …)​

  • Test Automation (Pytest, Behave (Gerkhin), …)​

  • CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Gitlab, ...)​

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)​



Building Embedded Linux Systems​

  • Kernel​

  • Buildroot/ Yocto​

C/C++ Application Development​

  • Cross compilation​

  • Application design and Architecture​

  • Static and dynamic analysis of code​


  • Protocols​

  • Security​

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